Importance of experience

Through its products, Traflex shows off its experience value that is the best promotion and the authentic guarantee for our customers. Traflex has developed a entrepreneurship that promotes the research, the innovation and the competence.
The work experience with plastic and steel materials, as well as the attention to the market requirements, increased the range of services and products marked by Traflex.


In 1960 Traflex becomes a leader in the field of industrial profiles, as manufacturer of sheaths and ropes for motorization.
In 1967 Traflex moves to Casale Litta (VA), satisfying the requirements form granulation to extrusion; the specific purpose production and the quality realized as added value have been achieved by investing in technological advanced equipment.
In 2008 Traflex experience, together with the customer needs of excellence, allow us to optimize day by day the price/quality ratio of its extruded products for building, industrial and plant-engineering purposes.
In 2013 new investments, research and production innovation and new brands increase the range of products, heightening their specific quality.

Our trademarks

Nowadays Traflex put the extrusion together with four brands: DXT solutions, 4Houses and forHorses, house and riding products, marked by the experience and the enthusiasm of their holders for the industrial design as contribution to the environmental quality.

Wide range

Your production ideas and requirements meet the technology, the experience and the quality system protocol, that are able to optimize the plan needs for targeted products. The result is a wide range of extruded and pressed articles in various profiles and features, according to their specific application.