Design technologies

The constant innovation has developed our technology as improvement able to meet the thermoplastic market requirements. Therefore our design/consultancy, supported by the most advanced instruments, joins the entrepreneurship of our customers in order to offer a successful product that has been shared by different professional competence.

Our technical staff, which includes qualified and experienced technical designer, through the most advanced CAD/CAM 3D (VISI) devices and 3D printer, handles the design and operative definition of details and related prototypes, it manages also the production equipments such as punching machines, notching machines, bi-adhesive sticker machines and equipments for in-line manufacturing.

Our stamp shop makes use of CNC machines (lathe, CNC cutter, CNC grinding, electro discharge machining CNC, both Die-sink EDM and Wire-cut EDM) for the realization of the production equipments and the auxiliary machines for the equipments interlocking.

Production technologies

We constantly update our fleet, that includes single-screw and twin-screw plants with diameters ranging from 15 to 105 mm and productions ranging from 1 Kg/h to 400 Kg/h, according to the plant, to the kind of product and the material used viagra online kaufen. Our injection moulding presses are able to press all the thermoplastic materials.

We are able to do mechanical working both in-line and out-line (recovery processes), soldering at variable angle, with the chance of assembly and packing also particulars given by our customers, within our assembly department.

Our extruded articles, in a wide range of plastic materials, are produced by engines specifically chosen and made, according to a evolved method, that has been achieved through research, experience and improvement, constantly followed in our company, in order to get a guaranteed and successful product, even in the special and personalized finishes.