We make extruded, coextruded articles (up to three materials), level slabs and pressed details. We extrude by using different thermoplastic materials, such as: rigid PVC, plasticized PVC, rigid and plasticized expanded PVC, filled PELD, PEHD, PP, PP, shockproof PC, ABS, PST, PSTAU, PMMA, PMMA, PA6, PA12, PA66, thermoplastic rubbers and WPC.

Our production aims to optimize the customer plans, through several agreements and researches, from the prototypes realization to their mass-production, through specific tests and according to the arranged terms and stocks. The kind of production is one of the most various and singular.

It covers both the simplest lines and the pieces with different and sophisticated finishes: wood, metal, glass, a wide range of colouring and different sections of extrusion. Made according to the suitable amount, the products are delivered packed and assembled, as requested.

By giving its products, Traflex shares its experience with its customers, so that the quality of its production represents the signature for every product.