is services and products, solutions and technology, constant innovation trends, attention to customer needs and above all, experience gained in the wake of success of Made in Italy.


For over fifty years we have been operating as thermoplastic industry in the industrial triangle of the North-Western Lombardy region. We have improved our practice by optimizing the design, the research, the prototyping, the materials, the technology, the tests, the extrusion, the pressing and the assembly for a production of guaranteed and advanced extruded articles, Made in Italy.
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The constant innovation has developed our technology as improvement able to meet the thermoplastic market requirements. Therefore our design/consultancy, supported by the most advanced instruments (CAD/CAM 2D/3D), joins the entrepreneurship of our customers in order to offer a successful product that has been shared by different professional competence.
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Our extruded articles, in a wide range of plastic materials, are produced by engines specifically chosen and made, according to a evolved method, that has been achieved through research, experience and improvement, constantly followed in our company, in order to get a guaranteed and successful product, even in the special and personalized finishes.
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